Monday, 31 August 2015

Contextualizing the IT Revolution to Effective Learning - ‘the Cyber Space Concerns’

By Mr. Charles Clarance Principal   (Dr. MPS World School Agra)

At the very onset I would like to draw your attention to my key words of the Topic and that is Effective learning. The world learning in itself was a paradigm shift that modern educators evolved to the process of education.  We then added the word effective to multiply its efficacy.
The use of computers or the digitalization of Education because it is a new industry and permeates our life should not be the reason for incorporating it in the effective learning process. The second danger I perceive that it should not do more harm than good. If it teaches students to learn more that they can handle then our problems will be manifold. As educators we know to unlearn is more difficult to learn. The third important hurdle or angle that must be taken into consideration is the financial aspect. Will the usability of digitalization be cost effective? I must remind the august gathering here of the kind of marketing that is done by the digital content vendors in term of software and hardware.  The cleverly marketed product is pressed down on educators by a whole team of carefully manicured marketing strategist. The educators may fall prey to the glamour of digitalization without fully comprehending its utility. I have been exposed to redundant and terribly slow products that kill the creativity but have been installed as a marketing strategy to display on billboards. Having cleared my conscience on the predicament at hand I launch it to the plethora of using cyber space to enhance effective learning processes.
Learning is a process of self evolving depending upon the needs of the facilitators as well as the learners. The word facilitator may please be read as advance learner. Have mutually agreed that every learner has his /her own space and pace the digital content actually adds true meaning to the classroom that caters to all with its limited restricted environment and usually generalized the learning capabilities. The Digital content acts as a highway on the journey of self exploration. Once a teacher has enabled the students to relish the Solar System. The student only needs the IT tools to quench his or her thirst on the topic. These tools will work in the same way for all subjects. Our education system had given very little importance to research in the early stages of learning. IT efficacy will help students to network with all possibilities to enhance their capabilities and will enrich classrooms with added information.

The Cyber world may also give unlimited space to exhibit talent and vent ideas. Classrooms may take on a completely new meaning as learners may create classrooms of their own without limitation of geographical boundaries. The possibilities are immense but let us not throttle the possibilities due to any fears of danger of the cyber space. As humans we are known for our adaptability and the cyberspace is going to be no exception. Let me end by saying unless we do not explore we will not  break new ground.  

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