Tuesday, 9 February 2016

My Visit To Malta

My visit to Malta had a lot of expectations.  After 28 years, I would once again visit Europe, I was a 21 year old boy when I visited France & Italy and now as a professional, with a changed perspective I was going to do the same.

Malta is beautiful and people from all round Europe descend to enjoy in its scenic beauty & Mediterranean climate. I must admit, I indulged in all the fun in Europe,  however, at the back of my head, there was always this question: how can we keep our cities & town back here in India in the same manner. Work ethics in Europe has changed everything. Indians are the most lucky people on this planet. We never really suffered.

But have made great stories of our suffering. The island of Malta was plundered repeatedly  from various invasions: the French,  the Spanish, the English, the German & the Turks; everyone fought for Malta because   it was so strategic & so Christine, people were ransacked killed, mutilated, lived in  constant hardships.  That is why perhaps, Europe crystallized itself as a united culture and  people respected each other. In India, we have plentiful of everything, so we plunder our  natural resources and create all the garbage for our neighbors. In doing so we have divided ourselves, in establishing our supremacy, every region considers itself as superior to the other & this goes as even with families. For those of you who understand Charles Dickens, Tess of de Urbervilles will get my point of view. My experience in Malta helped me understand how focus, hard work & national interest  can make a country marketable & hospitable. Every person is involved in making the mission of the nation a successful one,  foreigners are treated with utmost respect & people walk the extra mile just to make their services more meaningful. The nation respects Edward de Bon  more than any politician. In fact,  he gets more respect than the Prime Minister. The de Bon University has done a phenomenal work in promoting creative thinking & Entrepreneurship worldwide. Students from the US and all around Europe flock to this university to learn through an education which provides a different platform,  making them entrepreneurs of thinking. It did surprise me that thinking in itself can  be used as a product for economic enhancement & stability. The ambiance of the university has high level of cultural diversity and thought process which encourages utility & entrepreneurship.  My experience with the university enriched me as I interacted with students, faculty & management. I am sure that this visit has been very meaningful and I will be able to operate with more creative perspectives.

I extend gratitude to Dr. MPS World School and management for encouragement & sponsorship of the same.

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